10 Nights / 11 days
Tour Type
Kailash Mansarova
Group Size
4 person
Tour Guide
1 Mentor
Kathmandu (1N) – Nepalgunj (1N) – Simikot or Hilsa (1N) – Purang (1N) Lake Mansarovar (1N) – Darchen (1N) – Mount Kailash (2N) – Simikot (1N) – Kathmandu (1N) via Nepalganj


LUXURY KAILASH MANSAROVAR FRM KATHMANDU–(10N/11D)-is a spiritual journey to the holy Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar in Tibet. This yatra is considered one of the most sacred pilgrimages in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Bon religions.

Our Luxury Kailash Mansarovar Yatra packages starts from Rs 250000 Per Person for Indian Passport holders. For NRI is starting from USD 3700 per Person.

Embarking on a pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar is more than just a journey. It’s an expedition of the soul, a quest for spiritual awakening, and an opportunity to connect with divine forces. Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, this sacred site holds immense significance for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Bon followers alike.

Imagine standing at the foot of Mount Kailash, gazing up at its snow-capped peak as pristine waters of Lake Mansarovar shimmer nearby. The tranquillity envelops you as you delve into ancient legends and mystical tales that have been whispered through centuries. Join us on this extraordinary adventure from Kathmandu to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra – 10 Nights, 11 Days – where we unravel the secrets hidden within these hallowed grounds. Let your spirit soar as we take you through every step of this enchanting journey filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and profound experiences. Buckle up for an odyssey like no other!

Luxury Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Kathmandu – 10 Nights 11 Days

The journey from Kathmandu to Kailash Mansarovar is a mesmerizing experience that takes you through breath-taking landscapes and sacred sites. Starting from the capital city of Nepal, you will travel towards the north western region along the Friendship Highway. This route offers spectacular views of snow-capped mountains, serene valleys, and picturesque villages.

As you leave behind the bustling streets of Kathmandu, you will enter the scenic Langtang National Park. The park is known for its diverse flora and fauna, making it a perfect spot for nature enthusiasts. Continuing your journey, you will pass through beautiful towns like Syabrubesi and Rasuwagadhi before reaching Kyirong in Tibet.

From Kyirong, the road leads to Saga where pilgrims usually take a break to acclimatize themselves to high altitude conditions. From there, your path takes you through stunning landscapes dotted with nomadic settlements and grazing yaks. As you approach LakeMansarovar, be prepared to be awe-struck by its crystal-clear waters surrounded by majestic mountains.

After spending time at Mansarovar Lake for spiritual purification rituals and prayers, your next destination is Mount Kailash itself—an iconic peak revered by Hindus as Lord Shiva’s abode. The trek around this sacred mountain is considered one of the most challenging parts of the Yatra but also one filled with immense spiritual significance.

Finally reaching back to Kathmandu after completing this extraordinary pilgrimage leaves pilgrims with a profound sense of fulfilment and inner peace. The entire journey typically spans over 10 nights and 11 days but can vary depending on various factors such as weather conditions and individual preferences.

Embarking on this holy expedition requires determination, physical fitness, mental strength, and preparation for potential challenges like high altitudes, sudden weather changes, and difficult terrains.

The rewards are immeasurable though—connecting with divine energy, receiving blessings, and experiencing personal transformation.

So, get ready to embark on this sacred journey from Kathmandu to Kailash Mansarovar



The first challenge one may encounter during the yatra is the high altitude. The route takes you through treacherous terrains and lofty mountain passes, reaching elevations of over 5,000 meters above sea level. Altitude sickness can affect even the fittest individuals, so acclimatization becomes crucial. It is recommended to spend a few days in Nepalese towns like Dhunche or Syabrubesi before starting your trek towards the holy mountain.

Another challenge lies in physical endurance. The yatra demands strength and stamina as you traverse rugged landscapes for several days at a stretch. Walking long distances on uneven terrain can be strenuous, especially for those not accustomed to such activities. Proper preparation with regular exercise and training sessions will help build endurance required for this arduous pilgrimage.

Weather conditions are also unpredictable along this route. Heavy rainfall or snowfall can create obstacles during certain months of the year when undertaking the yatra becomes extremely challenging or even impossible due to dangerous road conditions or blocked trails.

Despite these hurdles faced during Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Kathmandu – 10 Nights 11 Days, the rewards of this pilgrimage far surpass any difficulties encountered along the way.


  •  Darshan of Mount Kailash
  • Holy Dip in the Mansarovar lake
  •  Holy Lake Mansarovar parikrama (Circuit) by bus
  •  Attend all spiritual rituals at Holy Mansarovar Lake
  •  Circumambulation of Mt. Kailash.
  •  Darshan of Gauri Kund
  •  Full Parikrama of Holy mount Kailash covered in three Days



  •  Visa
  •  Kailash Yatra Permit
  •  Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  •  Transportation (Flight, Helicopter & Bus) during the entire trip as mentioned in
    the itinerary)
  •  Hindi Speaking Nepali Tour Guide, English Speaking Chinese Tour Guide, Tour
    Manager, Sherpa’s, Cooks
  •  Oxygen Cylinder for Emergency medical use
  •  Holy Lake Mansarovar par karma (Circuit) by drive


Price Excludes

  • Any Personal Expenses
  •  5% GST & 5% TCS Tax as per Income tax guidelines
  •  Travel Expense from Place of Home to Lucknow Airport
  •  Porter Charges
  •  Insurance
  •  Medical Expenses
  •  Tip to Any Crew Member
    Any Evacuation rescue / Additional Charges /Loss due to natural calamity or any unavoidable circumstances
  •  Staying for extra nights due to bad weather/ Flight Cancellation or any other reason
  •  Horse riding charges during parikrama
  •  VISA splitting charge and transportation cost, if returning early from Tibet Any kind of extra baggage charges in Flight / Helicopter during Yatra.
  •  Anything not included in the list of inclusions


  • Backpack
  •  Duffle Bag
  •  T-Shirt
  •  Puja Kit
  • Luggage Tag
  •  Jacket (Returnable)

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Cost

10 Nights 11 Days by Helicopter via Kathmandu
Kailash Package Cost/Person

Total Cost of Package (Indian Passport Holder) Rs. 2, 50,000
Early Booking Rate Rs. 2, 45,000
Booking Amount Rs. 65,000

Total Cost of Package
(Non-Indian Passport Holder) USD 3700
Early Booking Rate USD 3600
Booking Amount USD 450




Helicopter tour date: 2024 Ex- Kathmandu..
May: 19th – 24nd – 27th – 29th
19st May full moon arrive Kathmandu (23rd May full
moon at Manasarovar)
June: 3rd – 6th – 10th – 14th -17th–– 24th
17th June full moon arrive
Kathmandu (21st June full moon at Mansarovar)
July: 3rd – 10th 18th -22nd
18th July Full moon arrive Lucknow( 21st July full moon at Manasarovar )
August: 8 th -16 th –20 th – 24 th – 28 th

16 th August full moon arrive Lucknow ( 19th full moon at Manasarovar )

September: 3rd –6th – 8th 14th
14 th September full moon arrive Lucknow 17th full moon at Manasarovar )
This is Last date of trip



Tour Itinerary

Route Plan Kathmandu (1N) – Nepalgunj (1N) – Simikot or Hilsa (1N) – Purang (1N) Lake-Mansarovar (1N) – Darchen (1N) – Mount Kailash (2N) – Simikot (1N) – Kathmandu-(1N) via Nepalganj

Arrival at Kathmandu Airport and received by our representative for Hotel transfer. Visit Pashupatinath Temple and Jal Narayan Mandir (Sleeping Vishnu) to start the journey with blessings of Pashupatinath. Overnight stay in Kathmandu.
Post breakfast fly to Nepalgunj. Received by our representative in Nepalgunj and check-in hotel. In the evening our Kailash Yatra experts will give you detail information about the journey.
Wake up early in the morning and board on flight to Simikot. After 40 minutes of fly, reach to Simikot which is at an altitude of 2800m, and take rest for some time then take a 20 min Helicopter ride to the Hilsa border. Overnight Stay in Guest House.Simikot and Hilsa are at High Altitude so a 1-night stay will be better for Acclimatization.
After Immigration, drive to Purang and Take rest in the Hotel Purang for acclimatization because it is located in high altitude and walking is recommended today. You can go for a walk in the local market of Purang and see the culture of Tibet. Purang is a small town where you can go for shopping items such as fruits, trekking sticks, water gallon for keeping Mansarovar holy water, oxygen cylinder, packed juice, chocolates, gloves, and many other things. Overnight stay in Purang.
Post breakfast drive towards Mansarovar Lake by Volvo category AC bus. On the way to Mansarovar, we will make a stop at Rakshas Tal Lake from where you can see Mount Kailash. Proceed to Mansarovar Lake and complete the parikrama of Mansarovar which is 105 km. admire the Beauty of Mansarovar and see Kailash just next to the Holy Lake. You can visit Mansarovar Lake in BrahmMuhurt. Overnight stay at Guest House near Mansarovar Lake.
Spend some time near Mansarovar Lake in the morning. Take holy bath, perform Puja and meditation. Transfer to Darchen which is the base camp for Kailash Parikrama. Take rest and prepare yourself for Kailash Parikrama. Overnight stay in Hotel Himalaya or Similar.
After breakfast, commence your parikrama by driving to Yamdwar. After this, you’ll trek for 10 km towards Dirapuk to witness the auspicious North face of Kailash. Overnight stay will be at Dirapuk. ## Parikrama is optional and Horse is also available for the parikrama. Those people who are not able to do parikrama or do not want to go for parikrama due to any reason can return to Darchen from Yamdwar and stay in Guest House for 2 nights. Mount Kailash is visible from Darchen so you can the mountain and pray.
This will be the most challenging part of the parikrama. After early breakfast, you’ll have to trek for 22kms to Dolma-La Pass and pass through Gauri Kund and then to Zuthulpuk. After the trek along the river, overnight stay will be in Guest House at Zuthulpuk. The first 6 km of Parikrama of the 2nd day is the most difficult part of the parikrama. The climb is steep and difficult till Dolma La Pass (18,600 ft), the rest of the 16 km is downwards and comparatively easy trek. Highlights: - This day in Parikrama you will pass through Gauri Kund, Shivasthal (Tibetans believe this place as sacred), East face of Mount Kailash.
Post breakfast, we will complete the remaining 8 km of the parikrama in approximately3 hours. After completing the divine parikrama you shall drive to Hilsa Border by AC Coach and exit from China. Return by a helicopter ride to Simikot. Overnight stay will be in Simikot Guest House.
Take a flight to Nepal Ganj in the morning and Transfer to Kathmandu by Flight. Overnight stay in the Hotel.
Enjoy the breakfast and checkout. Return to your home with blessings of Mahadev.!! Tour End

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